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  • In order for people who will work part-time to receive an e-mail account, Human Resources must send an e-mail to Information Systems Technician Nihat Doğan (including the relevant personnel cc).
  • For computers, it is necessary to contact Information Systems Technician Nihat Doğan by the relevant instructor.
  • In order to get MEF University entrance card, the photograph of the personnel is sent by Human Resources to IT Technician Nihat Doğan. The card is received by the related instructor from data processing.
  • For the meal card, an application is made by the relevant academic staff at the cafeteria on the 1st floor of Block C, and the card is received from there. Meal times are between 11:30 and 14:00 on weekdays.
  • There is a shuttle service between Ayazağa metro station and our University. You can find the service hours here.
  • The work wage for the calendar month is paid on the 10th of the following month. For example, working wages between January 01 and January 31 are paid on February 10.
  • It is necessary to contact Figen Ulusoy, Director of Administrative Affairs, for car parking and room.
  • For the Blackboard system, it is necessary to contact Doğu Özdemir.
  • For Flipped Classroom video shoots, Ünal Emir Menteşe should be contacted.

For part-time employees, the payroll in the relevant calendar month must be delivered to the Faculty Secretary in a signed form by the last day of the calendar month in which they work at the latest.

  • All Turkish citizens under the age of 45 (including Blue card holders) working at our University are included in the Mandatory Individual Pension System, pursuant to the Additional Article 2 of the Law No. 6740 and the Law No. 4632 on the Individual Pension, Savings and Investment System.

An agreement has been made with Avivasa for the Mandatory Individual Retirement System. A brief summary of how this system will be implemented is in the appendix.

Faculty members who are GOVERNMENT OFFICERS who teach additional courses at our university will NOT be included in the Mandatory Individual Retirement System.

Nihat Doğan

0 212 395 36 42

A Blok 1. Kat

Sınıf: 107

Dinçer Özoran

0 212 395 36 39

A Blok 1. Kat

Sınıf: 118

Ünal Emir Menteşe

0 212 395 36 33

A Blok 1. Kat

Sınıf: 108

Figen Ulusoy

0 212 395 36 18  

A Blok 5. Kat


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