VPN Connection

Before initiating a VPN connection, you must have already your VPN account credentials from IT Office. contact: itsupport@mef.edu.tr

  1. Download Forticlient VPN application for your device at https://www.forticlient.com/downloads 

  1. Install the application.

Note: You must have admin privileges to install the application.

  1. Once the installation is completed, click "Configure VPN" button to configure VPN settings as instructed below and click the "Save" button.

Connection Name: You may give a name to this connection (Suggestion MEF-<username>)

Remote Gateway: vpn.mef.edu.tr (If you can't connect, you may use IP address)

Check "Do not warn invalid server certificate" checkbox. 

  1. You may now enter your credentials and click the "Connect" button to initiate a VPN connection.

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