Phone System

How to Install Tekofis Softphone Client

  1. Please install the "Tekofis" softphone client by Turkcell Superonline from your phone's app store.

For iOS:

For Android:

Market links may change in time. If you encounter an error, please search through your AppStore application on your device.
  1. Your username is the last 4 digits of your office phone number followed by @mef.sariyer
    Eg. If your office phone number is 0212 395 3693, your username will be 3693@mef.sariyer
  2. Your password will be sent to your MEF email address by the system administrator. If you didn't get your password, please send a message to
  3. After logging in to the Tekofis application, you will be asked for granting several permissions. (like contacts, calls, call recording, etc.) Please give all the permissions you are asked for otherwise, there may be some inconsistencies with the phone service.
You may set your status as Available, Out of Office, or DND and how these statuses act from the top bar of the application.

You may see the guide created by Turkcell through this link.

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