I Can't Share My Entire Screen on Google Chrome [MacOS Catalina]

With macOS Catalina, Apple's current newest operating system for mac devices, you may find yourself in a situation where you are expected to complete several steps in order to share your entire screen using Google Chrome. Please follow the steps below,

Before starting, please make sure that you closed all Google Chrome proccesses from your mac.

  1. Please open "System Preferences" on your mac device and click "Security & Privacy".
  2. In the opening window, please click "Privacy" and scroll down to find "Screen Recording" option.
  3. After clicking "Screen Recording", you may need to enter your password (your mac's password) in order to do changes, If necesasary, click the lock icon in the screen and enter your password.
  4. You can now tick Google Chrome for screen recording. After restarting Google Chrome, you should be able to use entire screen recording option.

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