Quick Collaborate Tips for Students

You can use the following quick tips for improve your Blackboard Collaborate experience.

  1. Please use Google Chrome as your browser.
  2. Always 'Allow' when Blackboard Collaborate asks for permission for camera or microphone.
  3. Turn off any Ad blocker you may have on your browser/system. Ad blockers may interfere with the functionality of Blackboard Collaborate.
  4. Please always prefer laptops or desktop computers over cellphones and tablets. Mobile devices and tablets do not have the same capabilities as laptops and desktops.
  5. Use a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection while using Collaborate. In order to get the most out of you experience, you should stop downloads and other processes that may consume your internet.
  6. Turn your microphone off while you are on break! :)
  7. Pay attention to whole Blackboard Collaborate screen.
  8. Be interactive on classes!
  9. Turn off your microphone while you are not talking.
  10. Find a comfortable places that you will not be distracted by other things while you are taking an online class :)

If you encounter with any problems, Please take a look at our knowledgebase howto.mef.edu.tr. If you can't find your answers to your questions, please e-mail us at bbsupport@mef.edu.tr

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