How to Enroll in a Free edX Courses?

What is edX?
edX is an educational platform where there are online courses at the university level. It includes free and not free lessons and offers its students the opportunity to earn a certificate at the end of their course.
Do not use the site to access free lessons, instead use the site to access free lessons.


hen you Log in to edX later, you may see a page like the one below. In this case, you can access the MEF University Dashboard page and follow the lectures you have taken from there after clicking the Click here text in the section marked with pink.

  1. You can search by selecting "free to me" to view courses where you can get a free certificate.
  1. Let's register for the course called DemoX. Let's click on the course.
  2. After clicking the course, let's click the Enroll box on the screen that appears. You can also see information about the course at the bottom right of this screen.
  1. After clicking the Enroll box, a page like this will appear. After checking the box in the region shown in red on this page, click the Yes, continue box.

  1. Our registration for the course has been completed. Now you can enter the course and watch the lessons whenever you want.
As a MEF student from edX, you can enroll in as many courses as you want from 100+ courses with a certificate for free.
Please check the end date of a course you enroll in.

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