Collaborate for Instructors

Introduction to the Collaborate Menu and First Look

  • To access the Blackboard Collaborate page of the course you are teaching, you must be logged in to Blackboard. After logging into Blackboard, go to the page where the courses are listed from the horizontal menu located at the top right of the page, go to the page where the courses are listed and select the course you want to teach online.
  • Click on 'Virtual Classroom (Collaborate)' in the menu that opens after you login to the course. You will be met by the Blackboard Collaborate login page.
For the best Blackboard Collaborate experience, please use the latest version of Google Chrome.

Session Creation and First Entry

  • Click the Create Session button in the menu that opens on the Collaborate page.
  • In the side menu that opens, you can give your Session a name, set your session times and make some editings. After adjusting the appropriate settings, click the Save button.
  • After clicking on the Join Classroom you can reach to the Session you have created, you will be directed to Blackboard Collaborate's online training platform.
Some requests will be required when you first enter the platform. These are Microphone and Camera permissions. Please click 'Allow' on Microphone and Camera permissions, which will appear on your screen after the page is opened. This is essential to get the most out of our Collaborate experience. After you grant microphone and camera permissions, both features will be off until you turn them on.
  • Once you have granted the required Permissions, you will see a pop-up for a tutorial. You can respond to this request by saying 'Later'.
  • After all these processes, you will reach the main view of Blackboard Collaborate.
For those who are not students of the course but want to enter the course, click on the Guest Acess box in the "Event Details" section and determine the role of the person to enter the link. After saving the settings, you can copy the link that will be found in this section and share it with people who want to join the lesson but do not have access.

Who's Available in the Class and Your Connection Quality

  • While on the Blackboard Collaborate platform, click the pink icon ( )at the bottom right and click the “Attendees” button ( ), which is the second of the buttons at the bottom, in the menu to open. .
  • When you press the button, you will access a list of people present in the lesson on the page that opens. In this list, the lecturers, research assistants and the people authorized in the course will appear as 'Moderators' while the students will appear as 'Participant'.
  • Blackboard Collaborate is a system that is constantly affected by your connection quality. To check your connection quality, enter the Attendees list, then you will see an icon with a certain number of lines in the box to the right of the person’s name . When this icon contains 4 bars, it indicates that your connection quality is the best, when it contains 1 bar and it is red, there is a problem with the connection quality.
If there is a problem with your connection quality, please take the necessary precautions.

Recording the Course and Sharing Documents with Students

  • To record the lesson, click the menu () with three lines in the Blackboard Collaborate main view on the top left of the page. Then you can start recording the course by clicking the "Start Recording" button. At the end of your lesson, after you click the "Stop Recording" button, the recording will be terminated. It may take some time for your course recordings to take place in the “Recordings” section, as the records go through a certain process.
    Collaborate stops recording your session if all attendees leave the main room to join breakout groups. You can start your recording again from the Session Menu when one or more attendees return to the main room.
  • If you want to share a content or a slide with the students during the lesson, click the pink button () at the bottom right of the Blackboard Collaborate main view, then click the third button in the drop-down menu which is “Share Content” (). For the types of documents that can be added and further explanation, please check the video below.

Student's Hand Raising and Creating Polls

  • When a student raises a hand, a notification appears on your screen as shown in the figure:
    This means that someone wants to speak in your class. To give that person the right to speak, you can first click the 'Lower Hand' button and then give the student the right to speak.
  • To create a poll, first click on the pink button () located at the bottom right of the Blackboard Collaborate main view, and then click the “Share Content” button () which is the third of the buttons below. On the page that opens, you can select the "Polling" option from the “Secondary Content” section and specify the necessary questions and options. After clicking the “Start” button, polling will start.
  • In the poll you have created, you can view the inputs and answers of the students by clicking the pink button () and clicking the Attendees button (), which is the second of the lower buttons, in the menu that opens.
Polls created via Blackboard Collaborate are instant. You cannot reach the polls results after the session is over.

Presenter Role for Students and Mute All

  • To authorize a student to give presentations or to change a student's authorizations, click the pink button () , first click the Attendees button () , which is the 2nd of the buttons below. Then click the '...' button next to the connection level icon on the right side of the student's name.
  • After clicking this button, you can change the student's authorizations and make them presenter in the menu that opens. Presenter students have access to the “Share Content” menu.

If you authorize multiple students to give presentations at the same time, things can get complicated quickly. Please use this feature carefully.

  • To turn off the microphone of all students at once, click the pink button () , and click the Attendees button () , which is the 2nd of the buttons in the menu that opens. At the top of the page that is opened, how many people are in the lesson is indicated as "X Attendees". Click on the "..." button at the right of the attendee number. In the menu that opens after clicking the button, you can turn off the microphones of all students by clicking on “Mute all”.
The “Mute All” option is a one-time action. After this, students can re-open their microphones.

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