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This page will guide you to related office for the subject you are curious about. Please contact with manners when writing an email.

Informational Technologies Department

It carries out all the infrastructure work related to communication technologies at MEF University. It determines the needs of relevant units about communication tools and systems, offers alternatives, and produces appropriate solutions. Performs the infrastructure work of the agreed system. Supports users and administrators in system management. It provides services in the establishment and management of the information processing and communication system, maintenance, repair, and elimination of malfunctions, and training users.

If you have a technical problem with the systems and devices you use, you can get help from our IT team.

You can reach the related site here.

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office is the unit where student transactions are made, records are kept and some documents related to students are arranged.

You can contact Registrar's Office on topics such as class reservations, registration, department-based issues (such as double major, minor), course registrations.

You can reach the related site here.

Professional Development Center

Professional Development Center is a unit that supports students in personal development areas such as career counseling, internship and job opportunities, and social responsibility.

If you want to get support on issues such as preparing a CV, setting a career goal, looking for a job, participating in social responsibility projects, you can contact Professional Development Center.

You can reach the related site here.

International Office

International Office deals with the process of following international programs, exchanging information, and communicating on this subject. It also coordinates the applications of exchange students, the admission process, and the welcoming and placement of international students.

You can contact with International Office for situations that are desired to be carried out in an international area.

You can reach the related site here.


Library Department deals with issues such as the entry and exit of all information sources (printed and electronic books, printed and electronic journals, online databases, smart devices, etc.) at MEF University, lending these resources to students and following up this process.

If you have questions or have problems with a book you borrowed, booking library study rooms, you can contact the Library.

You can reach the related site here.

Financial Affairs Department

It is the unit that carries out the monetary functioning of MEF University, its relations with other institutions, and plans its budget.

You can contact the Financial Affairs Department for issues such as school payments, payment planning, personnel entry-exit transactions.

CELT (Center for Research and Best Practices in Learning and Teaching)

The aim of CELT is to make MEF University a leader in innovative learning and teaching at the international level and to improve and strengthen the learning and teaching effectiveness of Flipped Learning.

If you have questions or experience problems with Flipped Learning, you can contact CELT.

You can reach the related site here.

Blackboard Support

It provides support in matters such as developing in the field of education, following the online programs, solving the problems related to the BlackBoard system, which is the system used for courses, and preparing help documents related to the use of online systems.

If you have problems with the blackboard system, online education, using online platforms, you can contact BlackBoard Support.

You can reach the related site here.

Office of the Student Dean

The Office of the Dean of Students supports the social, cultural, aesthetic, and sports activities of the students, and contributes to maximizing their individual and social potential.

You can contact the Student Dean on issues such as culture and art, food, transportation, sports.

You can reach the related site here.

Writing Center

The Writing Center, which is a part of CELT, is a center where students can get support in many subjects from each department, academic level, and skill level, from homework to general writing skills.

You can contact this center to write more effectively, academically, and beautifully.

You can reach the related site here.

Speaking Center

The Speaking Center, part of CELT, aims to improve students' ability to express themselves in English.

You can contact this center if you are interested in and wish to be able to express yourself fluently in English with a presentation, debate.

You can reach the related site here.

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