Transitioning to Blackboard Ultra View

This article will help you through to your transition to Blackboard Ultra. Blackboard Learn Ultra is the new and modified version of the Blackboard view that you are using now. Firstly, to get a sneak peek of the Ultra view, please watch the following video:

Compare BB Ultra with BB Original (our current system)

If you are using Blackboard Learn Original actively on your current Blackboard Course, some of the workflows may be modified, moved or removed from the Blackboard Ultra experience. Please read the following documentation for the availability of the features on Blackboard Ultra.

Click: Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation Feature Comparison (login to your MEF email account)

Webinars by Blackboard

Please watch the following webinar recordings organized by Blackboard in June 2020

Testing Blackboard Ultra

For a successful migration, We highly encourage you to take a look at the Blackboard Coursesites where you can test

If you want to try out the features of Blackboard Ultra within a test environment, The instructors can sign up to where you can experience the Blackboard Ultra experience outside of your course pool, which gives you high flexibility and new things to try.

Please sign-up to to try Blackboard Ultra experience. For starters, you can read the following link and try to complete all of the 15 suggestions for the new users of Blackboard Ultra.

Click: CourseSites - Things to try

More Info

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Blackboard Support at

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