Exporting Grade Center to Excel

Video link: https://screencast.com/t/OSFStDZt

Export Grade Center to Excel

  1. Go to the Grade Center
  2. Click the " Work Offline" button at the top right of the page and choose " Download" (see image, below)
  3. On the " Download Grades" Screen, select the following options
      1. Select Data to Download: Full Grade Center
      2. Delimiter type: choose Tab
      3. Include Hidden Information: Yes
      4. Click Submit
  4. After submitting, click " Download" to save the file to your computer as a backup of your grade center. The file can be uploaded back to Blackboard, if needed, or it can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

NOTE: Click “ yes” if you see a security warning asking you if you still want to open the file.

resources: uvm.edu

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