Dropping Lowest Quiz/Test/Exam/Assignment Score

  1. Go to Grade center→ Full grade center→ manage→ categories

  2. Click to Create Category and write an appropriate name and Submit

  3. Write an appropriate name and Submit

  4. Go to full grade center and click on the arrow next to the column you want to add to this category

  5. Click Edit Column Information

  6. Assign Category you created from drop down menu and Submit :
  7. Go to Create Calculated Column Weighted Column

  8. Give a name for column where students will see their final score Best

  9. Choose the Category you created in STEP 2
  10. Write 100% for percentage and choose which grades you will use: drop [1 or more] lowest, drop [1 or more] highest, use only highest, use only lowest etc…)

  11. After you have grades in all selected columns (If there is an empty score, total won’t be calculated):
Max test scores were 20, so the lowest 1 grade, test1, is dropped and student got average of test 2 test 3, i.e.: %100.

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