Create a Web Link for Google Drive Items (Forms, Videos, Docs, Sheets...)

  1. Choose a course and go to your Course Content, Learning Module or folder area.
  2. Click on Build Content and choose Web Link under Create tab:
  3. You will copy and paste the direct link ( not embed code) into the URL text box:

  1. Go to any google item, here Google Form is used as an example, click to SEND on the right top and then click to Link icon and Copy

  2. Paste the link to URL text box.
  3. Go back to Google Form and this time copy Embed Code
  4. Go back to Blackboard and Click to HTML button under description paste the Embed Code and click to Update
  5. Press the Submit button on the right bottom of the page

Expected Result in student view:

Problematic result in student view because of the error in browser.

But still student can press Click to Launch and see the Form.

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