Course Copy (Under 2 Minutes)

  1. From your Blackboard course list find and go to your old course you want to copy.
  2. From the opening course page go to the bottom of the menu on the left and click on Packages and Utilities
  3. From the opening menu click Course Copy
  4. From the opening course copy window choose " Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course" and then click to browse and choose your new course from the list.
  5. After you choose the new course and submit it,  press " Select all " to copy all the contents. (We advise you to deselect Announcements. The old course announcements should not be seen by the new students. Also if you used " Discussion Board " change the selection to " Include only the forums, with no starter posts" . For any other part of the course that you do not want to copy, please delect it.
  6. Finally you can click to submit .
Sometimes the copying process can take up to 1-2 minutes. Check again your new course after a while.

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