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How to Create a Test

Under "Course Tools", click the Tests, Survey, and Pools section. And click Tests after the page comes across.

If you want to import a test that you prepared before, click Import Test. In this article, we will create one. Click Build Test.

After, you will see a Name box and two text document boxes. Write the test name. It is mandatory. In the description box, you can write the explanation of the test. And for the other box, you can write the Instructors for this test. When you complete, click Submit button.

Now your test is created. The next step is to create questions for your test.

When you bring the mouse on the "Create Questions", you can see the options of the question types. Let's create multiple choice.

First, write the question title. Then write your question. In the options section, you can arrange the answer types (numbering/vertical/partial credit/random order). After that, select the number of answers that you want. Write the correct answer first box. After filling all, click Submit. You can do the same steps to create another question again.

After you complete your test, click "OK". Now, your test is completed but not published (=Deployed=No).

How to Set Test Settings?

Go to "Course Content". And then in the "Assessment" section, click Test. All your created tests are here. You can create a new test here too. But we will publish a test that we created. Click the test you created before (Add an Existing Test) and click Submit.

Now, the following figures show and explain all the settings about a created and ready-to-publish test.

  1. You can change the Name and the Description of the test.
  2. If you select the "Show test description to students before they begin the test." sentence, when a student clicks a test, he/she will see a description page at first. Then he/she click the next button, the test will be started. If you want a test to open in a new tab when clicked, you must click "Yes".
  1. "Make available to students", you must select "Yes" to let students see the test. Multiple Attempts: You can arrange the number of times students can take the test with this setting. Score attempts using: It is the setting that determines how the students' scores will be adjusted when they take the test in multiple attempts. Force Completion: If you want the students to complete the test until it's over (no save-exit) select this. Set Timer: Set a timer for this test.

  1. To add a display time, you need to adjust the time settings. If you want the students in the class to solve the test, or if you have guest students in your class, you can put a password on the test. You can also give this password to students in the course.

  1. If you want certain students to see and take this test, you can select your students from this section.

  1. You can adjust the due date of a test. Set this option if you do not want students to see the test after the date you specify.

  1. If you have created a test that you want to be graded, click on the above. If you have created a test that you do not want students to evaluate and grade, select the option below. If you select the option below, you will not be able to see the grades of the students.

  1. After submitting the test, you can make adjustments from this section if you want students to see which questions they answered correctly or to see the answers to the questions. After students submit the test, they can see the questions with their answers and examine their mistakes, according to the adjustments made here, or they can only see the questions they made wrong (without seeing their answers).

  1. Test presentation is a setting that how the test is displayed on the screen. you can choose to present all the questions on the same page or one by one.

After all setting is done, click Submit. Please note that that the test is still not available to students.

  1. To make available the test, please click the little arrow button next to the test, and click "Make Available". Now your test is available for students.


These settings are only specific to the students you choose. You can make different settings for different students.
  1. You can add a new user or a new group by clicking Add User or Group. You can delete all exceptions by clicking Remove All Exceptions.
  2. Name: Student's name
  3. Attempts: Determine the number of times the student has the attempt the test
  4. Timer: Enter the time limit for a specific student. And click Auto Submit for the test to be submitted automatically
  5. Availability: If the student will take the exam on a different day than the class, choose from the calendar here
  6. Options: Click this option to force the student to finish the test rather than save-exit the quiz

After all the settings are done, click on the Submit option at the bottom of the page.

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