Blackboard Fundamentals for Instructors

Complete Video:

If you like you can watch the parts from here:

A - How to log in:

  1. 1 - Go to website

  2. 2 - Enter your username, same as your MEF SIS (student information system) username, if you don’t know your SIS login information click here

  3. 3 - Enter your password (same as your SIS password)

B - How to See Your Courses

Course List

C - How to Check Your Student List

Grade Center → Full Grade Center

D - How to Contact with Your Students

Course Home → Announcements
How Students See Announcements

Course Content→ Built Content→ ...

F - Manage what students can see (Show / Hide Content)

Student Preview



G - How to Create an Assignment 

Course Content→ Assessments → Assignment

Whenever students need to upload files (word, excel, pdf, image etc...)

H - Submitting an Assignment (Student Perspective)

I - How to Grade Assignments

J - Viewing Grades and  Assignment Feedback (Student Perspective)

K - How to Create Tests

Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, Short Answer, Matching etc...

Please watch the comprehensive video of Dr.Utku Koç:

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