Access to Similarity Reports in Turnitin

  1. Go to the Course Content and click the Turnitin assignment.
  2. Click to the Paper Title of the homework that you want to see the similarity report.
  3.  Click to the ( ) symbol on the upper right corner on the following page.
  4. Click to the little box ( ) that next to the Similarity. The second symbol ( ) needs to be turn into red ( ) after clicking.  

  5. Click the first box under the symbol ( ).
  6.  Now you can see the percentage of similarity and to see what part of the assignment is similar and/or what is the original source you can click the source name.
  7. Then you will see the part that is similar as highlighted and the resource on the box above.
  8. The second symbol ( ) shows the other resources that can have similarity.
  9. The third symbol ( ) enable you to add filters to see more concurrent similarity. 

  10. The last symbol ( ) shows you the excluded sources if you set filters.
  11. The final thing is you can see the all pages at the right part of the window, if you click the icon ( ) that is on the left corner.

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